Nerf N-Strike Ammo Bag Kit - White with Camouflage

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Fasten it to your belt or attach it to your N-STRIKE Bandolier Kit (sold separately)
Be sure you've always got the "firepower" to win any battle you encounter
Camouflaged Ammo Bag lets you carry all the blaster ammo you need
Up to 100 darts or a combination of darts and clips
Ammo Bag comes with 50 camo Whistler darts


Nerf Ammo Bag w/ Printed Whistle Darts

Kids can now carry extra darts or clips in Nerf Ammo Bag w/ Printed Whistle Darts. This durable ammo bag has enough space for various darts or a combination of clips and darts. There are different clip darts that can be used with blasters.

Why You'll Love It: Both darts are camouflaged for special stealth missions. They can easily attach the bag to their belts and fasten to get ready for a high-paced battle or a secret mission.

Age: 6 years and up

  • Camouflaged darts and bag
  • Stores suction darts
  • Can be fastened to belts
  • Comes with camo whistler darts

Recommended Ages:6 and up