Nerf N-Strike Elite Splitstrike

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Two blasters connect into one!
Hard to find Battle Camo Deco


The Nerf N-Strike Elite SplitStrike blaster features BattleCamo Series deco! The SplitStrike blaster is 2 blasters in 1! Split it apart to create 2 blasters for a double attack, or combine them to create 1 blaster. Storm into battle with a blaster in each hand, or share with a friend to launch into a Nerf battle. Each blaster fires 1 dart at a time; when combined, the blaster fires 2 darts at the same time. Unleash darts up to 75 feet (22 meters). Includes 8 darts with BattleCamo Series deco. Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro. Nerf N-strike Elite Splitstrike