JJ Party Supplies Pineapple N Friends Party Theme Plates and Napkins Serves 16 With Birthday Candles

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We have all the essentials to create a festive table - find deluxe party packs perfect for themed events, along with Themed party plates, Themed party luncheon napkins, and Candles in a range of colours
These durable disposable 16 Themed party plates approx 9 inch party plates are cute and decorative but strong enough to handle even the heaviest of an event foods and snacks
Paired with 16 Themed party luncheon napkins approx 6.5 inch
Proudly MADE IN THE USA with only the finest Paper goods
A fantastically-themed party table sets that also includes 24 Candles In 4 Colors From MTC (tm) that creates the perfect mood for the occasion


These great party supplies are perfect for your celebration! Your special guests would love to eat their favorite dishes on these stylish well crafted party plates paired with a theme specific table napkins. What are you waiting for? Purchase this tableware bundle and organize your unforgettable party! Make that birthday special...