Benzara Antique Colonial Trendy Wood Rectangle Wall Mirror, 40" x 24", Black, Reflective

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Rectangle wall mirror
Easy to install
Suit any home


Lend your modern home interior final touch by incorporating this mirror. Mirror is best for any home as it makes the area appear spacious. This beautiful yet simple mirror will be great addition at your home. The back or the frame of this mirror is made up of quality wood so that its durable and last long. This rectangular shape mirror has thin border. The wide and long dimension gives the room a makeover. This mirror will look great in lavatory, bedroom, kitchen or living area. This mirror apart from usage can be used for decoration purpose. This mirror will look fabulous on wall that has console table attached to it. This mirror will look great main door entrance where people visiting you feel good. This mirror is easy to install and maintain. You can get for your home or recommend it in your friends. If this mirror is what you want, then you must hurry