WOTT Set of 10 Vintage Color Multi Designed Flat Ceramic Cupboard Cabinet Door Knobs Drawer Pulls & Chrome Hardware

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100% FLAT MIX Handmade Ceramic Handmade Drawer Pulls / Knobs With Chrome Hardware
Diameter Of each Knobs- Standard 1.75(inch)
Color - Mix , Design -Multi Designs , Materials - FLAT CERAMIC KNOBS
Quantity - 10 Pieces
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WOTT Presents - Product Type - Drawer Pulls / Knobs Diameter Of each Knobs - 1.75" (inch) Round Depth Of each Knobs - 1.5" (inch) Color - Mix , Design -Orange Soda & White Dotted Multi Designs Like Pictures Materials - Ceramic Quantity - 10 Pieces , 3.25" Long Screw , Washers and bolts For each knobs... Note - The Chrome hardware required to install comes standard with each knob. Installation Process Of the Knobs 1- Just drill an 1/8 " hole in the cabinet door and tighten the nut with a spanner. 2- This exquisite ceramic door knob is hand made in Rajasthan, India by skilled artisans. 3- The blue pottery of India is famous throughout the world for its quirky cheerful designs. 4- The wide variety allows you to accessorize to your hearts content.