Lauri Crepe Rubber Puzzles - A to Z Lowercase

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Products that are great fun from children to adults
High quality toys and games
Games and toys that the whole family can enjoy
Two Skill Levels in One Puzzle, Kids Follow the Pattern or Take it Away to Increase the Challenge
Crepe Rubber is Latex Free and Won't Worp or Crease
Comes with Durable Storage Tray
Lauri Replaces Lost Pieces
Recommended Age Range 3 to 6 Years


At Patch Products, we are serious about fun! Some days, you will find us playing games-to test them, of course! We are a group of energetic, talented and passionate employees who love what we do and love exploring new ideas that lead to exceptional games, puzzles and toys. Every day, we are busy packing the most value possible into quality, family-friendly products that are FUN! We believe in the team approach to creating fun-starting with product development, licensing and graphic design, continuing on to the Work Hard Play Hard Award manufacturing stage and following through with shipping, marketing, sales and customer service. The Patch team includes our vendors who supply us with quality materials, and our marketing partners-the restaurants, hotels, radio stations and other places you will find people playing our games. Our FUN is contagious!