Lauri Alphabet Avalanche

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Contents: 70 Capital letters, 430 lower case letters, periods, commas and question marks
The colorful Crepe Rubber letters are quiet and washable, and they'll provide years of learning activities
Spell words, make a sentence or compose a paragraph One child or a whole group can use 500 letters to spell their names, create crosswords and solve word-finds
High quality toys and games
Products that are great fun from children to adults
Crepe rubber letters and punctuation marks are perfect for practicing spelling and building sentences!
The colorful 1.25" letters make learning fun!
Includes 508 Letters and Punctuation Marks, Activity Guide
For ages 3 and up


Kids can use the hundreds of Lauri crepe rubber letters and punctuation marks in these kits to spell names, build sentences and create paragraphs. The 1.25" tall letters with bumpy textures and bright colors spark interest in literacy. Lowercase letters are in a 6-to-1 ratio with capitals.