Back Scratcher Ohuhu 5 Pack Extendable Telescopic Bear Claw Back Itching Scalp Scratchers Massager, Portable Hand Massage Tool for Valentine's Gift

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TELESCOPING & PORTABLE: It extends from 7.8" to 22.2" and easily fits into a pocket or purse. Portable Massage Tools, perfect for storage or travel
STAINLESSS STEEL CLAW-Back scratcher claw is made from stainless steel - metal that will never rust, bend, break, or deteriorate with age. The handle is built from soft rubber and prevent sliding
CLAW SHAPED DESIGN: Bear claw shaped hand for great scratching power, your best choice for getting relief to troublesome itchy spots
5 COLORS: comes in 5 different colors, confusion of one person using the others back scratcher
MULTI USE: Can be your scalp massager, head massager, back massager, foot massager and so on.


It's always frustrating, having that itch you're dying to scratch at places not accessible with your non-acrobatic, ordinary flexibility. And asking someone to help you may be a good alternative, but no one really wants to help someone else scratch their back - let's face it, it's not the most pleasant of experiences.
With the Ohuhu Bear Claw Back Scratcher, you can scratch that relentless itch to your heart's content

If there's one thing you can't predict, it's when the itches will spring up on you and beg to be scratched. That's why these scratchers retract to a compact 7.8" you can bring around your bag, and extends up to 22.2" to reach any itchy spot.

We've armed the claws with stainless steel, to give them just the right amount of sturdiness and strength to satisfy any pesky itch. Its sturdiness means these claws won't rust, break or bend, so you can exert full force and scratch with Wolverine-worthy vigor.

Warranty Guarantee:
Here at Ohuhu, we look to sprinkle a dash of comfort and convenience everywhere we go . That's why if there's anything not up to 100% satisfaction, connect with our customer service team and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. And because we always put our mouth is, we promise you our:
12-Month Replacement Warranty
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Support Guarantee

-Material: Stainless steel, Soft rubber
-Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green
-Weight: 0.73 lbs
-Package Dimensions: 8.07*5.31*1.42inch