Chooling Manual Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer (No Batteries Required) - Perfect Manual Stainless Steel Nose Hair Remover for Men & Women CL-016-AP

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Sharp & easy to use
Easy to clean
Works without batteries
Made of premium brusMade of premium brushed stainless steelhed stainless steel


Chooling Manual Stainless Steel Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer


- Sharp & easy to use : removing nose & ear hair with great ease!

- Easy to clean : clean it with the little brush, or directly rinse it with water.

- Works without batteries.

- Made of premium brushed stainless steel .


- Step 1: One hand hold the trimmer (with your thumb and index finger) under your nose to get ready;

- Step 2: Squeeze both wings of the trimmer to move the inner blades for cutting
(note 1: It might need some practices to adjust the operation for first uses - the trimmer is designed to trap hairs to cut. Once you're used to it, you will find it a much better tool to use);
(note 2: The blades are covered with 12 pcs metal fences, accordingly, it is safe enough to use);

- Step 3: After removing unwanted nose/ear hair, clean it with the brush provided or rinse it under water;
(note: please do not knock it against the desk to get rid of the hair)

- Step 4: Get it clean and dry and put it back into the original package.

Worry-free Warranty

- With 18 months worry-free product guarantee from Chooling

- Always satisfied customer service 24*7 available


Dimension: 1.77 1.18 0.26 inches

Net weight: 1.25 ounces