100Pcs 10 Value Crystal Resonators Oscillator Assortment Kit Assorted Set 4MHz, 6MHz, 8MHz, 11.0592MHz, 12MHz, 16MHz, 20MHz, 22.1184MHz, 24MHz, 48MHz

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Product Name : Crystal Oscillator
Frequency:10 Value each 10 pcs including standard Crystal Oscillator 4MHz,6MHz,8MHz,11.0592MHz,12MHz,16MHz,20MHz,22.1184MHz,24MHz,48MHz
Usage:Widely used in TV, automobile electronics, pc cards, electronical meter, DVD, MP3, MP4, etc.
Frequency Tolerance: 20ppm, Frequency Stability: 20ppm, Load Capacitance: 20PF.
Packed:100 pcs Crystal Oscillator come in a handy box with different molded area. Box will not break easily, parts inside will not slide or move around.


100 Pcs 10Value 4MHz ~ 48MHz DIY Quartz Crystal Oscillator Assorted Kit Set with Plastic Box

- Product Name: Crystal Oscillator
- Quantity:100 Pcs
- Packed with Assortment Box
- Widely used in TV, automobile electronics, pc cards, electronical meter, DVD, MP3, MP4, etc.
- Color: Sliver

Package Included:
List: Frequency--------Marking Code-----------Quantity
1>:4 MHz---------------4.00000---------------------10pcs
2>:6 MHz---------------6.00000---------------------10pcs
3>:8 MHz---------------8.00000---------------------10pcs
4>:11.0592 MHz-----11.0592---------------------10pcs
5>:12 MHz-------------12.0000---------------------10pcs
6>:16 MHz-------------16.0000---------------------10pcs
7>:20 MHz-------------20.0000---------------------10pcs
8>:22.1184 MHz-----22.1184---------------------10pcs
9>:24 MHz-------------24.0000---------------------10pcs
10>:48 MHz-----------48.0000---------------------10pcs
Package Quantity: Total 100 pcs Crystal Oscillator

This set is organized by size in a transparent storage case for quick access and protection.