McIgIcM Quartz Crystal Oscillator Assortments,35pcs of 7 Size 32.768K 6M 8M 11.0592M 12M 16M 20M Quartz Crystal Oscillator kit HC-49S Crystal Resonators Oscillator Assortment Kit Each Size 5pcs

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Size number: 32.768K 6M 8M 11.0592M 12M 16M 20M
More specific parameters can be seen in the pictures.
This product is widely used in product development, student experiments, maintenance, production, etc.
Being packed well, the product will be protected well.
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532.768KHz 3*8 20ppm 12.5pF
56MHz 49S 20ppm 20pF
58MHz 49S 20ppm 20pF
511.0592MHz 49S 20ppm 20pF
512MHz 49S 20ppm 20pF
516MHz 49S 20ppm 20pF
520MHz 49S 20ppm 20pF

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