Zadro Dual-Sided Surround Light Swivel Wall Mount Mirror with 1X & 10X magnification (Hardwire Ready).

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7 " Round Mirror with Optical Quality Glass
Bright Fluorescent Lighting
Mirror Rotates 270
Extendable & Angle Adjustable
Infinity Dimmer Switch to Customize Lighting!


The mirror is a beauty essentialthat is used by every person, every day. Looking your best is easy when you have a lighted and magnified vanity mirror at your side.

Zadro's Fluorescent Surround Light Wall Mount Mirror measures at 7 1/2"; in diameter, so this round wall mirror ensures a full face reflection and frees up your counter space for all of your favorite beauty products. On one side, you can utilize the10x magnification mirror for groomingyour eyebrows and perfecting your makeup without missing a single detail. Rotate the mirror head 270 to unveil the1x magnification mirror to aide you in your facial cleansing and hair styling.

This mirror features aninfinity dimmer switch, allowing you to customize the lighting for your exact preference.The 22 watt fluorescent bulb produces brightness comparable to natural sunlight, making it the best choice of mirror for applying makeup. The Fluorescent Surround Light Wall Mount Mirror's classic Satin Nickel design is sure to compliment any bathroom.