LED Double-Sided Magnifying Makeup Mirror, 6.7" Diameter 1X/5X Adjustable Magnification Led Cosmetic Mirror Wall Mounted, 360 Rotating Function, Lighted Vanity Mirror, Chrome Extendable Swivel Mirror

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MAKEUP, LASHES, EYEBROWS, PLUCKING, TWEEZING...OH MY! - "Mirror mirror on the wall, who does the prettiest make-up of them all?" Why, it'll be you of course with the help of your new makeup mirror. On the 1X side, you'll enjoy the crystal clear 6.7-inch reflection that will help you breeze through your make up and skincare routine. Need even more clarity? Simply and effortlessly rotate to the magnifying side and show them off by 5X'ing your beauty.
15" EXTENDABLE ARM WITH LED LIGHTS: Unlike other mirrors with metal frame, this Acryl Edge Mirror emits bright lights with minumum power consumption. In fact, it produces brighter LED lights than other mirrors on the market.Lighted led provides the most accurate natural sunlight to highlight every detail of your hair and beautiful makeup, even in very dark environments. Long-lasting led lights strip closely simulates natural sunlight to protect your eyes.
LONG LASTING DURABILITY: This Makeup Vanity Mirror is 6.7 inches in diameter, and the base measures 4.7 inches in diameter. With our smooth swivel design at 360 degrees, A long arm and a short arm are connected and can be extended to 15 inches.High quality material, Sturdy frame, Polished chrome, Elegant design...Chrome finish protects against moisture and condensation. Long lasting durability.
A GIFT YOUR SISTER, MOTHER, DAUGHTER, (GIRL)FRIEND WILL LOVE - You've got the right idea if you're thinking about giving a mirror as a gift. The problem is, you can't just give any plain, old mirror. You want to give something classy, stylish, modern, and reflects your great taste. You want to give something that looks and feels just like a gift. We've made it simple for you
Our Customer Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the Bathroom Vanity Mirror just return it within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked, no hassle. Scroll up to click the Add to Cart button to have your Bathroom Vanity Mirror shipped today.


Bathroom Mirror Led Cosmetic Mirror Wall Mounted Double-side 1X/5X Magnification Adjustable Makeup Mirror

This 5x Magnification Makeup Mirror is ideal for everyday use and close-up
grooming. Its magnification is essential for tasks that require a high degree of
precision. This 6.7" 2-sided mirror provides an easy way to apply makeup. You
can also use it to help you with tweezing and shaving. This chrome vanity
mirror has a unique swivel design that lets you check your reflection from a
multitude of angles. That way you can make sure that you are getting the right
lighting for makeup application and more. It is finished in an attractive, shiny
surface and is rust-resistant. These features allow you to keep it in the bathroom
without having to worry about it rusting. This mirror features standard as well as
5 times magnification.

Mirror Diameter: 17cm/6.7 inch
Arm Extension: 38cm/15 inch
Material: Metal and high polished chrome
Color: Silver/Chrome
Net Weight: 0.63kg/1.4lb

How To Install The Battery Into The Mirror:Not include the batteries
Grab the mirrors shell of two side along the edge and rotate the mirror shell in the
opposite direction.
One side mirror shell will slide to the unlock position. Open the mirror to install the
4 x AAA batteries.
After the battery is installed, place the pits on the outer circumference of the mirror
shell, push the shell of two side together and turn it forward to lock the shell.

Package Included:
Wall Mounted Mirror x
Pack of Fixing Screws x