Mini Construction Zone Goodie Bags, 24 Pack Great Birthday Party Favors, Cute Tote Bag for Kids, By 4Es Novelty

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LIFE IS ONE LONG CONSTRUCTION PROJECT, AND CHILDREN ARE REALLY IN THE MIDST OF BUILDING THEIR FOUNDATION. Therefore, if you want to give your children a thoughtful and meaningful gift get these beautiful construction tote bags. They will surly appreciate it.
THESE BEAUTIFUL BRIGHT YELLOW CONSTRUCTION TOTE BAGS ARE A SUPPER COOL ITEM to use when preparing party packs or party favor bags for your children and other party guests. The party will be a hit. The young party guests will go wild over this idea, they will be very happy. You will enjoy the scene of all the kids toting around these yellow fabric construction tote bags on their backs. It will be a sight to behold and cherish.
The imagination of children always runs wild, and CHILDREN LIKE TO BE IN THE ROLE OF CONSTRUCTION WORKERS. AND SURE, THEY ARE, THEY ARE BUILDING THE FUTURE GENERATIONS. Therefore, it's very fitting to give them these construction-decorated bright yellow fabric tote bags. The bags are made of high quality fabric and are machine washable, they will last a long time and the color won't fade.
YOU WILL GET 24 PIECES OF OUR BRIGHT YELLOW FABRIC TOTE BAGS. Decorated with a construction theme. They measure a very compact but still roomy 6 inches by 6 inches, with 4.5-inch handles. They can be used for a lot of purposes, the children will use them to stuff all their stuff, like shoes, books, all their goodies and stuff, their toys their electronic accessories and all kinds of stuff that toddlers and juniors haul constantly with them including the roller blades and sneakers.
Dear customer, you have a good sense of shopping. You landed on this page by purpose, not by mistake. YOU CAN SURE SMELL A BARGAIN WHEN YOU SEE IT. We have a limited supply of this kit. Which contains 24 pieces of these brightly colored tote bags. FOR A SUPER COOL PRICE. USE THEM AS A GIVE-AWAY WHEN PREPARING PARTY PACKS, PARTY FAVOR BAGS. OR AT A BIRTHDAY PARTY OR ANY OTHER SUMMER PARTY or beach pool party. They are super cute, they are brightly yellow and are amply sized, compact but roomy.


Mini Construction Zone Goodie Bags, 24 Pack Great Birthday Party Favors, Cute Tote Bag for Kids, By 4E's Novelty