Lavievert Bubble Umbrella Birdcage Clear Umbrella with Black border

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Be an eye-catcher with this elegant transparent totes bubble umbrella to enjoy your raining days. Sturdy aluminum alloy central rob and durable fiberglass ribs can perfectly prevent the umbrella form flipping inside out, keeping you nicely shielded from the rain.
Made of transparent water-proof POE plastic, it allows you to see in all directions around you and matches any of your outfit. Matching with black polyester edge better reveals your nobility. Put on your favorite clothes and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way when travelling.
Sturdy plastic J-handle provides you with a really good grip, comfortable and lightweight to hold, convenient to hang up when folded.
Oh, don'tjustgetoneforyourself;thismakesaterrificgiftforyour family or friend! Will be awesome with this unique umbrella when you are golfing, seating in the bleachers watching baseball or football games.
Measures 35 inches (89 cm) long and 31.5 inches (80cm) in diameter when open. Big enough to accommodate 2 people from downpour.


+++++++ Description ++++++

Our umbrella is perfect when it is raining cats and dogs. Identify yourself and your love for Dachshunds with this beautiful walking stick rain umbrella. The umbrella is made of the POE, providing protection and coverage from wind-blown rain. The ribs provide durability and strength. Easy to open and use quickly. Take this stylish umbrella with you to the park, on walks, on errands ... wherever it's raining, this umbrella shows your devotion.

+++++++ Color & Size & Weight & Material +++++++

Color: Clear with black border

Close : 36 inches
Rib: 8 , the length of rib: 60 cm/24 inches

Weight: 280 g

Material: POE