SMATI Mini Foldable Umbrella Clear Dome See Through Windproof

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This is a FOLDING umbrella which is CLEAR. SIMPLE, CHIC and COMPACT, it can fit with all kinds of styles.
Open close manually. Its WEIGHT is only 0.5lbs and its LENGTH is 9.25inches when folded. This umbrella is the ideal one to carry with you in your bag.
A well made Frame as well as its 6 ribs are in FIBERGLASS and METAL which ensure its windproof system a good performance.
The Canopy in POE material is very pratical and popular which allows the see through visibility. Fully opened at a DIAMETER=38inches, this umbrella can protect you in the rainy days.
A RUBBER handle is good to grip. With its strap, you may leave the umbrella hanging to dry before puting back into the pouch.


Umbrella Republic is the exclusive seller of SMATI in USA