Swimline Giant Peacock Premium Bird Lounger for Swimming Pools Pool Float

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Constructed of heavy duty PVC vinyl
Elaborately designed backrest allows you to lean back in a comfortable lounging position
The graphics on this Peacock cannot be Matched, and looks great in photographs!
Built-in handles for comfort and stability
Ideal for both adults and children


The Swimline peacock lounger is a spectacular pool float. This float was designed in collaboration between two of the leaders in the swimming pool industry. The R and D departments at robelle Industries (everything for the pool since 1973) and Swimline (creator of the original giant Swan) have created the first giant bird that is both extremely comfortable to lounge in and looks spectacular in your pool and backyard. Swimline peacock lounger includes a back that is secured and reinforced with a rope and two anchors hidden underneath the back of the lounge. This allows you to lean back in a comfortable lounging position. The body of the peacock is slightly smaller than the giant Swan providing a more optimal relaxation experience. Includes two handles. The graphics on this peacock cannot be matched. Vibrant blues, turquoise, yellow, and gold make this the most colorful pool float ever made. This lounge is ideal for both adults and children. The peacock stands tall with vibrant colors that will attract the attention of everyone around. Approximate inflated dimensions: 47L x 56W x 48H