Papa Vince Low Gluten Clean Pasta Sensitive Stomach Made with Tumminia Flour from Sicily, Italy | High Fiber, Sugar Free, Non GMO | decreases Food Intolerance & intestinal Disorders | 1 lb (2-Pack)

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LOW GLUTEN | SUGAR FREE | WHOLE GRAIN | does not taste like cardboard
6X THE FIBER THAN OTHER PASTAS - easy to digest & helps decrease intestinal disorders
NO CARAMEL COLOR ADDED - naturally dark. Research found to have anti-tumoral properties
UNBLEACHED | NO ENRICHED | ADDITIVE FREE | contains the fiber, wheat germ & endosperm of the original grain
SHAPED TO HANG ON ONTO THAT LAST DROP OF SAUCE - Great w/ Papa Vince Pasta Tomato Sauce


Papa Vince's Whole Grain Pasta DOES NOT TASTE LIKE CARDBOARD. It's SUGAR-FREE | HIGH IN FIBER, PROTEIN & LIGNIN. There is no texture or flavor loss. This is why I love it. Each harvest will taste and have a different color. Be ready for a pleasant surprise!

About Tumminia:

In Ancient times, Tumminia was widely cultivated during droughts and it was valued for its DIGESTIVE HEALTH BENEFITS. In modern days, its cultivation came to a halt because of its low yield in comparison with other wheat

TUMMINIA MUST BE GROWN ORGANICALLY. In fact, it can't be grown any other way because this wheat does not tolerate pesticides, insecticides or herbicides

Differently than popular wheat, Tumminia is LOW IN GLUTEN, HIGH IN FIBER & PROTEINS making it an EXCELLENT CHOICE, according to recent research, for people who are struggling with DIABETES, FOOD INTOLERANCE and INTESTINAL DISORDERS

About Papa Vince:

My family grows, harvest and presses its own Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1935 in Sicily, Italy. As farmers, we are frustrated with a food industry that demands mediocrity to meet market demands. This is why we entered the market in 2013, to bring you the REAL EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. Check our reviews

As farmers, we feel compelled to help other farmers who face the same frustration. This is why we are working with them to bring their treasures to you

Our goal is to bring you the HIGHEST QUALITY ARTISAN PRODUCTS farmers can produce. We desire to gain your support by bonding with you around the table. It's the Italian way of making friends. Once you taste Papa Vince's, we are convinced you'll become part of our family