OJOY A1 4G LTE Kids Smart Watch Phone, Android Smartwatch for Kids, GPS Tracker/Alarm/Stopwatch/Pedometer, Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear Inside, Waterproof (Blue)

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4G LTE Smart Watch Phone Designed for Kids age 5 to 10, IP68 water proof, Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 2100
Two-way voice calling.
Send and Receive Messages. Kids can send voice messages, pictures, emojis to parents.
Location Tracking. Parents can track child's current location on Ojoy watch App available for both iOS and Android
Manage calendar activities, set school and after-school activities with Ojoy watch App, and your child will receive reminders.


Basic Features

  • Two-way Voice Call
  • Messaging
  • Location Tracking
  • Camera
  • Step Count
  • Calendar &Task
  • Alarm &Stopwatch

Features Explained

Two-way Voice Calling

This watch can make and receive phone calls. But the watch itself doesn't have dial pad, so your child cannot dial phone number directly, including 911 or other emergency number. You have to input phone number of family members and friends using our companion App.


Your child can send voice message, emojis and pictures to you from the watch. You can receive them within the companion mobile app.

Location tracking

Using a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular base station signals, the Ojoy A1 Smart Watch can report locations, so you can check your child's location.


With a front-facing 2 mega pixel camera, your child can take selfies and send to you through built-in message. There are even filters to play with.

Step count

The watch comes with pedometer, so it tracks your child's steps throughout the day. As your child progress in the day, the watch will notify and motivate them to do more steps.

Calendar & Task

You can set daily activities in the companion app, when the time is near, the watch will send notifications.

You can also assign tasks to your child to repeat, and reward them a sticker for each completion;

What SIM cards does it support?

In USA, we recommend Speedtalk Mobile SIM card.

Who is it for?

If you are ready to give your child a smartphone or flip phone, this is perfect device.
Please contact us for any questions if may have with the watch.