Third Floor Umbrellas Compact Lightweight 46 Inch Automatic Open and Close 210T Teflon 10-Panel Folding Sturdy Travel Windproof Umbrella with Safe Lock Shaft, Black

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COMPACT FOLDABLE TRAVEL UMBRELLA: The Third Floor Umbrellas travel umbrella is compact enough to easily fit in your bag, briefcase or purse yet when open the 46-inch span will keep you fully protected from the elements (repel both the sun and the rain!). Our high quality folding umbrellas for golf, sporting events, travel, and everyday use are something you should never leave home without!
SAFE LOCK SHAFT DESIGN: Most small travel umbrellas are unsafe when being closed due to the constant risk of the shaft and canopy springing back open without notice; HOWEVER, we have a solution! Our safe lock design allows you to close the umbrella slowly without any worry of the umbrella bursting back open. There is no risk of the umbrella springing back toward you which makes this travel umbrella perfect for men, women and kids alike!
ONE TOUCH FAST AUTO OPEN AND CLOSE: Open our compact portable golf umbrella using the automatic, one hand, easy quick release function. The automatic functionality ensures a fast and reliable open and close to help you stay dry!
STURDY TEFLON CANOPY WITH 10 RIBS: The large, lightweight, durable waterproof windproof 210T Teflon cover shields 2 people from the harshest conditions while the heavy duty frame holds its shape in high winds and torrential rains. Our umbrellas are perfect for sporting events as well as your everyday city commute!
WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS: Our mini folding umbrellas are engineered according to specific guidelines to stand the test of time. We offer an unconditional 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for any material defects in craftsmanship.


Third Floor Umbrellas is proud to offer our premium quality 46 inch folding umbrella. This durable, compact folding umbrella is perfect for staying dry in heavy rain, or protecting you and your companions from the sun and elements. Perfect for use on the golf course, at sporting events, commuting, and travel.

Our umbrellas feature an automatic, one hand, quick release function. This easy to press button is perfect for quickly deploying the large canopy cover when exiting cars, hotel lobbies, or subway stations.

Our exclusive safe lock shaft design prevents the umbrella from springing back toward you when closing. Feel safer using this umbrella, especially around children.

Our exclusive 10 Rib "HuriStrength" frame retains its shape in high winds and torrential rains. The rigid fiberglass structure is made to withstand the wear and tear of daily use without bending or breaking. Lightweight folding umbrella frame is easy to carry and features a soft ergonomic easy grip handle.

Third Floor Umbrella's large, durable, and waterproof Teflon cover has been specially made to withstand high winds and heavy gusts without bending.

The heavy duty shade on our umbrellas features a UV protection shield. This large UV shade helps to protect users from harmful sunrays, and weather. Our Umbrellas are ideal for use on the golf course or use in your daily commute. Each umbrella comes with a waterproof slip case for easy storage. At Third Floor Umbrellas we stand by the build and design of our umbrellas with a quality commitment and no hassle replacement policy.

- 46 Inch Compact Waterproof Folding Umbrella
- Easy Touch One Touch Opener and Closer
- Waterproof Storage Case
- No Hassle Replacement Warranty