The Purim Story: Picture Books for ages 3-8, Jewish Holidays Series (Children's Books with Good Values)

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Lovely rhymes and wonderful images relate the Story of Purim to young children in a fun and enjoyable fashion. The holiday of Purim is celebrated every year in the month of Adar, four weeks before Passover. Purim is plural for the word Pur, which means "lot". It refers to wicked Haman's plot. Haman, a high-ranking minister of the Persian King, drew lots to determine the best day to eliminate the Jewish people living in the Persian Empire during the days of King Achashverosh (Xerxes I, Fourth Century BCE). In addition to the story of Queen Esther, her uncle Mordechai and the fall of wicked Haman, the book also includes information about the traditional observances of Purim, which include hearing the Megillah read at the synagogue, charity to the poor, and much more.

[Author's Note: According to the Scroll of Esther, Mordechai was actually Esther's cousin rather than her uncle. However, as Morderchai adopted and raised young Esther upon the demise of her parents, The Purim Story assumes that the young Queen respectfully addressed her cousin as "Uncle Morderchai."]