Body-Solid Stability Ball Rack

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Holds 3 stability balls vertically and fits nicely in a corner. The GSR10 can also be assembled to hold 2 stability balls for more compact storage
With the GSR10, each stability ball is easy to access and all three tiers are large enough for a 75cm stability ball.
Assemble without the top ring and upright extension, creating a 2-tier ball rack that is only 39" instead of 74" high.
If assembled with (2) Rings: 36w x 31l x 39h. If assembled with (3) Rings: 36w x 31l x 74h. Weight: 31lbs


The compact design fits nicely into any corner saving space in workout rooms. Unlike most stability ball holders the GSR10 allows easy access for all 3 stability balls, even the one on the bottom. Made from heavy gauge steel, the GSR10 will last a Lifetime and is perfect for small to medium size fitness areas.