Practical Argument: Short Edition

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No one writes for the introductory composition student like Kirszner and Mandellthe best-selling authors of the most successful reader in America, Patterns for College Writing. Now available as a briefer and lower-cost version of their groundbreaking and highly successful argument book, Practical Argument, Short Second Edition simplifies the study of argument. A straightforward, full-color, accessible introduction to argumentative writing, it employs an exercise-driven, thematically focused, step-by-step approach to get to the heart of what students need to understand argument.

Practical Argument, Short Second Edition focuses on basic principles of classical argument and includes alternative approaches. It forgoes the technical terminology that confuses students and instead explains concepts in understandable, everyday language, with examples that are immediately relevant to students lives.

Practical Argument, Short Second Edition is available in e-book formats for about half the price of the print book. And now with the new edition, you can meet students where they are: online. Our newest set of online materials, LaunchPad Solo, provides all the key tools and course-specific content that you need to teach your class.To package LaunchPad Solo free with Practical Argument Short Second Edition, use ISBN 978-1-319-01311-0.