Wild One Birthday Decoration Kit Balloons First Birthday Decorations Boy or Girl ft. Light and Dark Blue and White Latex Balloons, Star and Number 1 Foil Mylar Balloons (Blue w/ Bear)

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ALL IN ONE PARTY DECORATION BOX: Not everyone has the time to go from shop to shop to gather all the party supplies they need. This is why we offer you all the party decorations you need for your party in one convenient box!48 pieces in total fromballoonsto ribbon!
THE MOST AMAZING PARTY DECORATIONS:The birthday party decoration set includes beautiful round balloons, star balloons, a giant number 1 balloon, paper pompoms and all the balloon ribbon you're going to need! Give your little one the best first party everwith our decoration set!
VARIETY OF COLORS AND SIZES:The paper pompoms come in 3 different colors (cream, pink, gold) and sizes(8'', 10'', 12''). The balloons comein white, pink and magenta and the star balloons come in pink and gold. The giant number 1 balloon comes in goldand it is perfect for your little princess!
ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES:With all the different colors, sizes and shapes you can create many different combinations for beautiful decorations. Arrange the balloons in bouquets, in an arch or simply fill them with heliumand let them fly to the ceiling!
NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT ACCIDENTS:Balloons can be fragile and just like that a balloon pops and ruins your whole decoration arrangement!Well, fear no more! TheTreasures Gifted birthdayballoonsset includes 3 extra balloons just in case!


Treasures Gifted Balloons For Unforgettable Memories

Are you planning your baby's first birthday party?

Do you want it to be just perfect?

Are you lookingfor beautiful party decorations but don't have the time to go look for everything?

The Treasures Gifted party balloon box is exactly what you need!

Everything You Need In One Set

You can now throw a birthday party for your little one that is fit for a princess!

The party balloons box has everything you need for an unforgettable first birthday party!

The set includes:

  • Paper pompoms in 3 colors (cream, pink and gold) and 3 sizes (8'', 10'', 12'')
  • 33 balloons in white, pink and magenta
  • 2 gold star balloons
  • 2 pink star balloons
  • 1 giant number one balloon
  • All the balloon ribbon you'll need!
  • Now there is no need to run to different shops to get everything you need for the party decoration!

    You can create endless combinations with our balloons.

    Arrange the balloons in bouquets, arches or just fill them with helium and let them float to the ceiling!

    Perfect For Any Celebration

    The Treasures Gifted decoration set is not only for your baby's first party.

    The balloons will make the perfect decoration for any birthday party, anniversaries, bachelorette parties or even weddings!

    No More Stressing Out Over Accidents

    Let's face it.

    Balloons are very fragile and can burst very easily which could possibly ruin your decoration.

    But we got you covered!

    We include 3 extra balloons in each box so that youwill never fret over accidents again!

    Get Yours Now Before We Run Out Of Stock!

    Just Click Add To Cart