"Happily Ever After" StatementWare Disposable Wedding Plates (50-pack)100% Natural, Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic Wedding Plates, Catering Plates and Dessert Plates (7.5" x 5.5")

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🎂 100% NATURAL MATERIAL - These brown-finished, square, disposable wooden plates are made from responsibly-harvested wood. It is a better alternative to single-use plastic, foil or paper ware.
🎂 ELEGANT DETAILS - Each piece has fancy hand-lettered calligraphy "Happily Ever After" in the middle to match any wedding reception, whether indoor or outdoor, or theme and motif.
🎂 SAFE FOR YOU & THE PLANET - Keep clean-up guilt-free with these 100% biodegradable plates! Our set of compostable tableware is free of all dyes, bleaches and or other harsh additives.
🎂 GREAT FOR ANY FOOD - Whether you are serving mac and cheese, taco, steak, cake, or some sandwiches, these durable dinner plates are heavy duty enough to withstand hot, cold, wet and dry food.
🎂 ONE-OF-A-KIND DESIGN - You won't see another one like it on Amazon. Most others are made of either paper or plastic. Guests will love the vintage and rustic charm that these plates bring!


Did you know that disposable plastic plates can take hundreds to thousands of years to totally decompose?

This is definitely not something you want to hear when planning a party or event. Let's admit it, disposable dishware is very convenient. You can just throw them in the trash right after the event. However, plastic is not a very friendly material to humans and the environment.

Plastic takes a long, long time to break down. And while it has not, it can pollute the ground, bodies of water, and the creatures that live in and around those areas. Don't you wish there was a better option?

Throw a party guilt-free by using Wood & Wonder StatementWare Disposable Wooden Plates!

We care about the planet that we live in. This is the driving force that led us to create a set of wood-based plates that can be disposed of conveniently after a party or event. It is made from fast-growing, renewable Poplar trees which are more sustainable to grow and harvest.

What makes our disposable plates unique is that it is designed by an expert with luxurious calligraphy that conveys celebratory statements. These plates read "Happily Ever After" for weddings. You can check out our other designs with "Happy Birthday" for natal days and "Celebrate" for various occasions that are worth partying about.

And with our dishes, you eliminate the need for washing at least 50 pieces in your after-party clean-up! Just toss them into the trash bin or compost area, guilt-free!

Here are more things to love about our disposable wood dinnerware:

🎂 Durable and sturdy, it can withstand any type of food and won't go soft or flimsy throughout the entire party
🎂 Comes in two sizes: 7.5" x 5.5" and 5.5" x 5.5"
🎂 One pack contains 50 pieces
🎂 Wood finish adds a great conversation piece to the dining table