NEWYES LCD Writing Tablet 2019 Improved Robot Pad Colorful Screen 8.5 Inch Electronic Writing Board Doodle and Scribble Notepad Erasable Magnetic Drawing Memo with 1 Lanyard Gift for Kid & Adults

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An Endless Piece of Paper: NEWYES lcd writing tablet is suitable for taking notes and writing ideas without wasting paper. The delete button completely erase everything without leaving even a dot behind, so you get a new paper again!
Light & Portable: 8.5-inch size - very light weight - you can easily put it in a laptop case or even a purse, it can help your child stay focused with math problems and phonics, keeps them busy and no mess, very great in the car or church.
Invaluable Communication Tool: For those who can't speak or who have difficulty in communicating, NEWYES drawing board will be a better choice since they can write down what they want to say, listeners can understand them more easier.
Great for the toddler: Ipad and other touch screen electronics will cause damage to children's eyes, NEWYES doodle pad attached with a easy grip stylus and a colorful screen, it can greatly protect the children's eyes and give children different fun.