IGERESS Newest 10 inch Color&Blue LCD Screen Writing Tablet Board Drawing Tablet Board with More Thickness Handwriting Lines for Kids and Adults Learning, Entertainment and Working(Colorful-Blue)

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New generation of color screen is so unique: Color screen can quickly attract the attention of children, better cultivate kids' interest in learning, make children's painting process full of fun, give full play to children's imagination and artistic creativity!
Larger size, more competitive price: We have increased the screen size of this LCD writing tablet to 10 inch, you can write or draw more content on the larger screen, it is more convenient to use; but the price is always promotional!
The new upgraded thick handwriting(strokes) screen: Say goodbye to hard to see! The thicker handwriting can increase the writing brightness by more than 50%, which is more conducive to protecting the kids' eyes!
ABS plastic frame and robot element design modeling structure: The screen of our tablet is embedded, it's firmly fixed at the lower end of the ABS plastic frame (not parallel), more beautiful and more durable, which is unique on the market!
A variety of colors and sizes available: For this model of writing board, we have developed versions of black-red, white-pink, white-blue and color screen type, 8.5 and 10 inch are both haved!


It's time to say goodbye to paper!
The WP9316 Environment-Friendly Paperless Writing Tablet, is designed to save paper sometimes. Erase your image or words with only press of a button.Perfectly suitable for children graffiti and other people like designer, business man, teacher, students and artist.

1. Environmental-Friendly and Economically.
2. Good Company for Children in Daily Life and Study.Good for Writing, Arithmetic, Spelling and Drawing practice.Good way to help establish children's awareness of environmental protection simultaneously.
3. Open Your Hearts-to Talk, to Listen Sign language has not so been widely popularized and this make it inconvenient when those who have a poor hearing or cannot talk communicate with the the world. And this LCD writing tablet will really do a big favour for them to make themselves understood and definately facilitate communication.
4. Love from family- To-do lists recorder, messages reminder.
5. Say Good-bye to Mussy Working Areas. Annoyed by the paper flying around in your work office? That's it! Our LCD Writing Board will drive all the troubles away and keep you a good working mood. Perfect for designers, business people, office workers, teachers and doctors, etc.
6. Good Tool for Family/ Party Fun Activities.

Package included:
1 x 10 inch Writing Tablet
1 x Write Pen
1 x English User Manual

Please be noted:
1. Don't use it in dimly lit areas.
2. Normally one button clear all thing.
3. Avoid using in the following condition temperature higher than 40, blew 5.
4. Writing tablet can't connect to computer and can't save images.
5. APP(idoodle) compatible with most mobile phone in Android 4.3 or above, and IOS 8.0 or above.
6.The writen force can't be too large or too small, 150g -250g of writing pressure is ok.
7. It's easy to scratch the screen when the writen force is too large or use some sharp objects.