Retirement: Everything You Need To Know About Planning For And Living The Retired Life Youve Always Dreamed Of (Two Book Bundle)

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Everything You Need To Know About Retirement In One Place!

Grab your chance to own this comprehensive two book bundle by Olivia Greenwell. Covering everything you need to know about planning for retirement, as well as how to live the retirement of your dreams. Included in this pack you get:
  • How To Retire - A Practical Guide As You Countdown To Retirement
  • So You've Retired - What's Next? - A Practical Guide For Your Happy Retirement

How To Retire

Its never too soon or too late to start planning your retirement strategy!

Preparing for retirement can feel overwhelming, particularly when it comes to investment strategies. Olivia Greenwell's easy to follow book tackles those difficult issues that tend to intimidate people the most, outlining clear steps to take for a smooth and successful retirement journey.Packed with strategies to simplify the path to financial security, help is at hand for determining if you can afford to retire, for learning about investments, and even understanding how its possible to retire in as little as 5-10 years. This practical guide includes:
  • Checklists to take stock of your current situation
  • Questionnaires to help you decide when is the right time for you to retire
  • An action plan for your countdown to retirement
  • A useful resources section full of suggestions to help you plan for retirement
It's time to take control of your retirement destiny by creating your Retirement Action Plan - seize the day!

So You've Retired - What's Next?

Retirement doesnt have to be dull or boring!Uncover a world of exciting new hobbies, keep fit and agile, make a real difference in the world, declutter your house, earn extra income and add a sparkle to your retired life with this friendly and helpful guide. Approaching or beginning retirement is a milestone event. For most of our lives retirement feels like its on the distant horizon, something to think about tomorrow rather than today. When the day finally does arrive, for many it can feel a little daunting and overwhelming how should one spend all this new found free time?Olivia Greenwell has the answers, with friendly advice on:
  • How to navigate your way through the questions you may have
  • New opportunities that could present themselves in retirement
  • How to find further information on the exciting opportunities presented
As you experience the wonderful peace and contentment of retirement, this book helps you discover what makes you happy, and how to enjoy your life to the fullest.

What are you waiting for? Start living the retirement you always dreamt of, by uncovering all the tools you need today!