Ethernet Crimping Tool RJ45 and RJ12, RJ11 Crimper, Cutter, Stripper & Bonus Infographics - How To Crimp, Cut and Strip Networking Cat5, Cat6 Cables by Crimpswell

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UNIVERSAL Professional Cable Installation Crimper Tool, Crimping Tool Curtails 8-wire RJ45, 6-wire RJ12, and 4-wire RJ11 Modular Plugs.
3 NETWORKING TOOLS IN ONE TOOL Ratcheting Crimping Tool Structure to Ensure Quality Separation, Clamping, Pressing, Stripping, Cutting.
DEPENDABLE Network Wire Crimpers Need to be Ready with Sharp Blades and Providing a Clean Cut.
GREAT PERFORMANCE Network tool will crimp 8P, 6P, and 4P connectors and has a stripper for Round AND Flat cat5 and cat6 cables! Compact Design. Comfortable Easy Grip Handles.
DURABLE All Carbon Steel Construction for Longevity. High quality design and construction, portable & compact structure - all this willl give you a feeling of realy proffesional tool which you would expected


Crimpswell 3 in 1 Crimping tool

Do you CRAVE the ability to do everything you need in an all in one tool?
  • For FAST & CONVENIENT network installation, having a 3 in 1 tool saves time and money, that's why these pliers are a must!
  • The blue and black grip is designed for OPTIMUM handle holding position, portable & compact structure, & the ergonomic handle design reduce fatigue.
  • You can BEND, CRIMP, STRIP, & CUT cable for 8, 6, & 4 position modular plugs and insulated wiring.
  • Great for cable and phone installation & any other electrical wiring work, the crimp tool offers a reliable solution to meet immediate cutting needs with a protection setting to help avoid injury & it has a ratchet mechanism to keep tool closed when not in use.

Why you will love this crimping tool immediately once you buy?

It's Universal
You don't need to look different types of crimpers. All in one tool.

It's Easy and Safe to Use
You can make any work super well done in 5 minutes.

It's Durable
All Carbon Steel Construction for Longevity.

How to use it:
There is a detailed instruction on the back cover of the package. You will know how to use crimping tool for:

  1. Cutting modular cable
  2. Stripping modular cable(Flat cable)
  3. Stripping round cable

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: highest quality materials. Our products are factory tested and we are confident you will absolutely love them. If you don't, you can return it within 30 days 100% money back guarantee! Hurry to add to your network tools kit the professional crimping tool.

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