Buff Black (Merino Wool Buff) - One - Black

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100% Natural Merino Wool - A natural, lightweight fabric that helps to regulate body temperature for optimal comfort.
Polygiene Treatment - Fabric remains cleaner for longer without releasing odours caused by bacteria.
Moisture Management - Wicks sweat away from the body, keeping you comfortable and dry.
Breathable - With humidity control, supplying you with air at altitude.
100% Seamless - Reduces irritation caused by chaffing.


From balaclava to neckerchief, scarf or saharaine, the Buff Black (Merino Wool Buff) challenges your creativity and brings new ways to keep you warm. Constructed with 100% natural merino wool, providing thermoregulation properties when needed, the Wool Buff keeps you warm in the cold and wicks moisture away to keep you cool. The natural fabric is super soft, odour and water resistant, keeping your fresh and dry. Seamless stitching reduces irritation caused by chaffing with elasticity uncompromised, the Wool Buff will not lose its shape or durability.