Set of 2 Linen Kitchen Towels Dish Cloth Stone Washed Towels in Ivory and Grey Size 17'' x 27'' Pure Linen with High Absorption, Soft Fabric and Lint-Free Safe for Machine Wash Drying

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SOFT & HIGHLY ABSORBENT - Considered very important kitchen tool, second only to a knife, good quality Kitchen Towels are indispensable kitchen companion. Our Kitchen Towels are stonewashed to ensure soft fabric that's comfortable to touch & feel, boast incredibly high absorption for quickly drying dishes or hands, and come in a set of 2 elegant colors - Ivory & Gray Kitchen Towels. One of the sides is fringed by hand to ensure a modern look & enhance aesthetic appeal.
LINT-FREE & MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Linen being known for its Lint-free character, our Linen Kitchen Towels prove ideal even for wiping glass & mirrors, and being anti-allergic & anti-bacterial proves useful for a wide range of other applications - like for drying green beans after blanching, cleaning cutting boards, drying hands, touching up plates to remove splashes of sauce on the sides (high stain resistance), and for cleaning up spills owning to its high absorption.
PURE & NATURAL EUROPEAN FLAX - Made from 100% European Natural & Organic Flax, our Kitchen Dish Towels are not treated with any chemicals and are hypoallergenic. Made from systematically and sustainably harvested flax, out Linen Dish Towels also offer an eco-friendly choice, and come packaged in a premium style that's ideal for gifting too - wrapped with a beautiful ribbon. The towels comes in 17 x 27 Inches size.
EASY TO USE - With a built-in hanging loop, Saint Linen Dish Drying Towel proves much easier to use, and premium quality fabric requires no special care. The towels can be machine washed at upto 60C, can be machine dried, and you can even use bleaching agents - can work even without ironing. Being durable & low maintenance, the kitchen towel set is ideal for use not only at home but even at restaurants, cafes, and other commercial facilities.
100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee on our dish towel set to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that you will be super impressed with its incredible quality, functionally effective design in the form of high absorption and no-lint, and soft and comfortable touch and feel.


Wipe clean the dishes, glasses, mirrors, prevent formation of water spots, or use these for hand-drying, for cleaning the spills or for drying washed veggies - experience functional efficacy with high absorption & Lint-Free kitchen towels!


- Made from Linen, these towels are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-static and hygroscopic besides being organic and fully biodegradable - an unbeatable choice for environmental conscious kitchen
- Become more soft and delicate with every wash - thus becoming more comfortable and easy to use
- High breathability helps in drying the fabric quickly, thus helping it stay fresh
- Durable fabric the value of which enhances over time due to improved aesthetic appeal with every wash
- Ultra high absorption that helps quickly clean the dishes or wipe the spills
- Achieve lint free cleaning of glasswares like you would notice in a high end restaurant - suitable for use at home as well as in restaurants, cafes, hotels and any other high end kitchens
- Unlike other pre washed towels, ours are not treated with chemicals - hypoallergenic, natural and organic
- Stonewashed for improved softness
- Made from 100% Pure European Flax that's grown in its natural habitat and harvested in an environmentally responsible way
- Easy care - can be Machine washed (upto 60C) and dried, bleached, and used without ironing
- Come in a set of 2 pieces - Ivory and Grey
- Ideal as a gift set too - come wrapped in a beautiful ribbon


We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.

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