DensityComfort Bamboo Cooling Duvet Cover for 48x72 Weighted Blanket | Full Adult Size | Mint Blue | Removable, Machine-Washable | Protects Your Weighted Blanket

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EASY & SECURE: DensityComfort duvet covers are easy to remove, are machine washable, easy to clean, come with zippers and feature 6 loops inside to hold your weighted blanket in place. This feature ties down your inner blanket and prevents inconvenient shifts and movements to achieve the perfect weight distribution of your weighted blanket.
DURABLE: As opposed to competitors, we at Density Comfort spent a lot of time on the quality of our products. From the zippers to the seams, the loop material to the stitching, we offer only the highest quality materials and fabrication. You can also use our duvet covers with any other blankets you may have, as long as they are the same size.
PROTECTION: Our duvet covers, which consist of our Honey Comb minky cover, Diamond cover, Minky Dot cover and our all-new Cooling Bamboo cover, offer the best protection for your weighted blanket. We offer only high-quality fabric and our covers are soft, smooth and thick, so they feel great and protect your inner blanket with ease.
LARGE & COMFORTABLE: DensityComfort duvet covers are perfect for adults who want a full 48x72" or 60x80" weighted blanket, as opposed to competitors who offer smaller uncomfortable sizes. We also offer weighted blankets for kids, from 36x48" 5 lb. weighted blankets to 41x60" 10 lb. weighted blankets. Our blankets fit Queen, Full and Twin Size beds.
100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: If you have any questions before or after your purchase, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, you may return the item within 30 days of delivery.


Why Choose DensityComfort Duvet Covers For Your Weighted Blanket?

  1. Weighted blankets can be heavy and difficult to clean.
  2. Our duvet covers are helpful by protecting your blanket during use and are easily removed with built-in zippers.
  3. DensityComfort removable and machine-washable duvet covers also give you the option to change the style and color of your bedding.
  4. Our covers have loops inside that attach to your weighted blanket. These loops keep your blanket in place for even weight distribution.

Please note: Weighted blanket is not included.
Wash Care: Machine washable in cool water.