Foot Massager Roller Ball & Arch Support - Relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Arch Pain, Heel, Muscles, Stress, Flat Feet, High Arches - via Relaxation Reflexology Acupressure & Copper Compression Braces

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IMPROVE YOUR MOBILITY with our Foot Recovery Kit. Arch support braces, spiked massager and 2.5" smooth lacrosse ball alleviate pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, flat or overworked feet, high/low arches, neuropathy and arthritis, tendonitis, ankle and knee discomfort.
WIDER 8" ROLLER with higher acupressure spikes deliver extra stimulation of heels and fallen arches. High density foam won't crush down under weight, yet is more pliable and comfortable than wood or plastic.
COMFORTABLE COMPRESSION by our thin and supportive arch bands provide immediate relief when standing, walking or running. These low-profile sleeves can be worn barefoot, with most shoes or sandals, with or without socks. One size fits most.
TRIGGER POINT massage roller ball lets you apply firm pressure to untangle stubborn muscle knots and stimulate circulation. This self myofascial release ball is ideal for intense foot stretching, yoga exercises and relieving tension in glutes, back, neck, calf or foot.
COMPACT, PORTABLE reflexology tools offer total-body relief from muscle aches and pains. Use them at home, keep a set at the office, or add them to your carry-on bag for on-demand massage therapy wherever you go.


Kick foot pain and muscle aches to the curb

No matter how much you stretch, you can't always avoid achy feet and muscles. The Maogani Foot and Muscle Recovery Set lets you target those aches and pains with the same intensity of a massage therapist's elbow. Whether you're an athlete, someone who works on your feet all day, or want to overcome the effects of aging, this versatile set will help ease discomfort and rejuvenate your body.

Head to toe relief, even in hard-to-reach areas

We've combined the most effective self-massage components in 1 whole-body set. Our EVA foam roller, wider than the competition and boasting higher spikes, lets you treat calves, hamstrings and forearms with ease. You can even roll it back and forth under your feet while seated at your work desk. Our 2.5" smooth massage roller ball lets you perform self-myofascial release until you identify trigger points, relieving tightness and restoring movement. Enhance your roller ball's effectiveness by placing it in the freezer to cool first.

For those times when you can't slip off your shoes, wear our copper compression supports to alleviate arch and heel pain. These sleeves also reduce knee, hip and back pain by maintaining proper foot alignment, and are 1-size-fits-most (men 7-11.5; women 5.5-11). Made of moisture-wicking, anti-odor material for all-day comfort, their non-slip inner lining holds sleeves in place to eliminate bunching and pinching.

Customer Service is our top priority

We insist on the highest quality materials and manufacturing to bring you the Maogani Self-Massage set. We confidently offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for your peace of mind. In the unlikely event that our product does not meet your expectations, we will refund your full purchase price.

Combat sore, overworked feet and muscles in the comfort of your home. Add the Maogani Foot and Muscle Recovery Set to your cart today.