Sorbus Bird Feeder Hanging Tray, Seed Tray for Bird Feeders, Great for Attracting Birds Outdoors, Backyard, Garden (Black)

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HANGING BIRD FEEDER TRAY - Feed and attract beautiful birds to your home, yard, or garden with a hanging bird seed tray
DECORATIVE & ENTERTAINING - Beautiful bird and finch outdoor garden accessory -Complements backyard, garden, patio, or kitchen window - Provides years of entertainment to you, birds, family, and friends - Enjoyable activity for elderly, children, nature, garden, pet, and bird lovers - Makes a great gift for home and garden lovers
ATTRACT ALL TYPES OF BIRDS - Keeps birds happy all season long with delicious bird food meals - Attracts all types of lovely birds - Birdfeeder with tray attracts finches, hummingbird, chickadees, nuthatches, junocs, cardinals, woodpeckers, thistle bird seed, or use as dove feeder, and more
EASY TO HANG - Fill bird seed tray with food and hang - Open hanging platform feeders let you check seed level at glance - Mesh tray allows the water to easily drain out
FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - Made of micro-mesh metal tray - Compact and lightweight - Weather-Resistant - (Seeds NOT INCLUDED) - Measures approximately 9.25" D x 21 " H (with hanging chain/hook)


Watch birds fly into action all season long!

Enjoy the majestic beauty of bird watching with the Sorbus Bird Feeder Tray. Perfect for attracting beautiful birds to your home, it features a round mesh tray on a hanging chain to offer a complete buffet to your feathered friends. Watch as finches, cardinals, woodpeckers, and more flock to this adorable bird feeder for a tasty meal. The mesh tray holds a wide variety of birdseed, peanuts, berries, sunflower seeds, fruits, and more. Hang it anywhere to beautifully complement your outdoor patio, garden, or backyard.

Hang anywhere birds are safe and you can enjoy the view.

For an enjoyable activity inside, look out the window and view the colorful birds as you relax and unwind for the day. Outside, hang your bird feeders near a window, tree, fence, in the garden, or on the side of your home for display. Kids and grandparents will especially be entertained as our feathered friends flock to the backyard deck for an afternoon snack. When the seeds are gone, kids can get involved and help refill the seed supply. The open concept tray allows you to see exactly when it's time to replenish and it's easy to fill by simply pouring in your supply.

A functional mesh design allows water to easily drain out.

Made of micro-mesh metal. Compact and lightweight. Weather-Resistant. (Seeds NOT INCLUDED). Open concept tray allows you to check seed level at glance. Measures approximately 9.25" D x 21 " H (with hanging chain/hook).