2 Robins, Doves, Cardinals Nesting Shelve Platform Handmade By Cedarnest Free S/h

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ROBINS, Doves, CARDINALS nesting shelve platform
western red cedar
handmade in the USA


Welcome to Sp11dy Birdhouses. Description: 2 CEDAR WOOD.... Robin,Doves,Cardinals,Bluejays HOUSE ... this auction is for 2 house ..... Hand-made from rough sawn, weather-resistant, western red cedar. Birds seem to prefer the rough-sawn cedar because of its natural look and feel. The rough surface also enables the birds to hold on to it with their claws. wood color will vary....house come already assembled mounting screws includedfeatures Include: Construction:Constructed from seasoned 1/2" Western Red Cedar Specifications: The overall specifications are 7" wide, 8" Deep, 12" High. Nest area is 5 " x 5". What could be more enjoyable then watching your favorite birds gather nesting material, incubating eggs, and raising their young while you watch from the comfort of your yard? Imagine the sound of Robins,Doves,Cardinals in the morning just outside your door. Or listen to the soft coo of the mourning dove as she broods her young. The perfect way to attract those birds that don't use bird houses.