uProCare Hair Towel Wrap Turban for Women Bamboo and Cotton fiber Fast Drying Anti-Frizz Super Absorbent

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NO MORE WORRIES ABOUT THE DRYING TIME: By taking advantage of the fast drying feature, you can now reduce the time with 50 %. Quick dry for fine, thin, medium, thick, or coarse hair! The technology behind this hair towel wrap is the design and high density of cotton and bamboo fibers.
EASY TO USE: Easy-to-use luxury button closure keeps it secure, making getting dressed and putting on makeup, easier. Bend it, twist it, fold it and you are ready to go. The elastic loop is strengthened and keeps the hair turban safe on your head.
PROTECT YOUR HAIR: Keeping your hair natural and healthy. Eliminates the need for blow drying thus preventing the occurrence of split ends. Top quality toweling material made from organic cotton and bamboo fibers with ultra-absorbent and anti-allergenic properties. Organically grown cotton and bamboo without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals; no more headaches.
ENJOY THE HAIR CARE SET: Take the hair care kit wherever you want, spa, gym or vacations using the waterproof carry bag and take your hair tie within the bundle. Complete your hair care packet with the premium hair twist anti-frizz towel wrap and no more curls in your hair. Approved by long hair women community but still fits any hair length.
FEEL COMFORTABLE: Never felt better before, you forget you have it on your head because the hair turban is light and soft and keeps a constant temperature, pampering your scalp and hair. Encourages multitasking: The towel for hair helps you do other things while your hair dries. The hair towel continues to absorb the water from your hair and remains lightweight.


Are you in hurry and you fear you could miss your important appointment because your hair just won't dry faster? Enough with the problems, dry your hair intelligent and effective.
Innovation is here.

Made from bamboo and organic cotton mixture fibers, with 500 gms density, uProCare hair towel is ultra-absorbent as it dries twice as fast as other microfiber materials and helps you care for your hair faster and more efficiently.

Now you have extra time to do your manicure, pedicure or makeup. It can be firmly gripped around the hair and allows you to multitask while applied.

Comes with custom made dimensions that are designed to fit into every head size and is approved by the community of long hair ladies. With a premium design that feels luxurious to touch and is appropriate for all hair types, the hair turban is comfortable and easy to use and prevents splitting ends. It is dustproof, anti-frizz and anti-allergic.

Say goodbye to hair damage while drying. Now feel the delicacy when twisting the hair towel wrap and feel your hair secure.

What will you get?
1 x nice looking waterproof carry bag
1 x quick dry hair towel wrap
1 x hair tie
1 x Digital Hair Care Guide to help you have perfect hair.