Exquiss Knitting Needles Set-18 Pairs 18 Sizes Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles with Colored Tube + 36 Pcs 18 Sizes Single Pointed Bamboo Knitting Needles 2.0 mm-10.0 mm + Weaving Tools Knitting Kits

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Package includes 18 pcs carbonized bamboo circular knitting needles with colorful plastic tube+36 pcs (18 pairs) single pointed bamboo knitting needles+ Weaving Tools Knitting Kits with case.
Bamboo circular knitting needles come with 18 different sizes with diameter permanently marked on needles for ease of selection, the sizes from 2 mm to 10 mm. Overall length of circular knitting needle measures appr. 31.5in.
Single pointed bamboo knitting needles in 18 sizes, which are permanently engraved onto the handles. The sizes from 2 mm to 10 mm. Length of knitting needles measure appr. 9in.Each set includes all the most popular US sizes and then some!There is no static reactions on it makes you weaving happily.
The set of knit suit tools are perfect for your needs. Whether weaving scarves, thread cut, sewing clothes and marking, it can make your knitting process successful.Perfect for handmade weave DIY tools. It's the best choice for you preparing gifts for your kids or friends!
Circular knitting needles set made from bamboo wood and colorful plastic. The knitting needles are made of bamboo which is luxurious, lightweight and smooth.Each needle has bight transparent plastic tubing that is soft and flexible yet is strong enough to support your knitting project. Single pointed carbonized bamboo knitting needles made of bamboo wood,they have a wooden stopper cap at one end. The needles are smooth without burrs. It will be secure and accessible when you are weaving.


Great choice for any weave DIY lover or beginner knitter as all of the popular sizes and tools are provided to get you started on some basic projects, easy to use, easy to carry.DIY handmade can be your free time partner, enrich and adjust your daily life.

Package included:

  • 18 pairs 18 sizes bamboo circular knitting needles set.The length of knitting needles: 31.5 in. /80 cm.
    • 18 sizes :2.00mm/2.25mm/2.50mm/2.75mm/3.00mm/3.25mm/3.50mm/3.75mm/4.00mm/4.50mm/5.00mm/5.50mm/6.00mm/6.50mm/7.00mm/8.00mm/9.00mm/10.00mm
  • 36 pcs (18 pairs) bamboo knitting needles set (2 pcs each size):
    • 18 sizes :(2.00 mm/2.25 mm/2.50 mm/2.75 mm/3.00 mm/3.25 mm/3.50 mm/3.75 mm/4.00 mm/4.50 mm/5.00 mm/5.50 mm/6.00 mm/6.50 mm/7.00 mm/8.00 mm/9.00 mm/10.00 mm)
  • 15 grid plastic storage box-6.4''L x 3.4'' W x H?
    • 1 Scissor 4.2''
    • 16 Needles Point Protectors 1.3cm*1.9cm/0.8cm*1.6cm2 sizes,8pcs for each
    • 1 Soft Measurement ruler 60''/152.4cm
    • 4 Plastic Sewing Needles/Yarn Needles 7cm/9.1cm (2pcs for each sizes)
    • 24 Locking Stitch Makers 1.6cm*2.0cm
    • 12 plastic pins 2.3cm/0.9''
    • 24 Circle makers (3 sizes,8pcs for each,diameters are 1.4cm/0.55''1.2cm/0.47'' and 1.0cm/0.4'')
    • 12 flexible circle makers(1.7cm/0.67'')