StoreYourBoard Omni Ski and Snowboard Wall Storage Rack | Holds 10 Pairs of Skis | Ski Wall Mount Home & Garage Storage Hanger

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HEAVY DUTY STEEL: built from steel to hold up to 200 lbs worth of skis, snowboards and gear!
5 STORAGE ATTACHMENTS: each are 12" long with 3/4" wide opening to hold 2 pairs of skis or 1 snowboard
CUSTOMIZE SKI STORAGE: insert attachments along wall track in custom setup to fit the types and sizes of skis you have (XC, race, powder and more)
OMNI RACK: built to hold all the skis in your garage or home, and built to last!
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Made by StoreYourBoard, the leaders in gear storage, the Omni Rack is an adjustable, customizable Ski and Snowboard Wall Storage Rack for your home, garage, or shop!

The Omni Rack consists of:
-1 Wall Mounted Track: 1" wide square steel tubing, 46" long, with 46 individual holes spaced 1" apart at which you can mount storage attachments
-2 Wall Mounts: attach these to your wall, and insert the track through the mounts.
-5 Ski and Snowboard Storage Attachments: hang your pairs of skis or snowboard between the parallel bars of each attachment

What Gear Can it Hold?
-Weight: the Omni Rack holds up to 200 lbs pounds total, approximately 50 lbs per storage attachment, which is more than enough for all types of skis and snowboards.
-What Skis Can it Hold: the Omni Rack can fit a variety of skis, including powder, cross country XC, race, wide, twin tips, and more skis, and also pretty much anything else in your garage!

Includes 4 heavy duty bolts to install the Omni Rack to your wall studs! Enjoy.