Abbott Freestyle Libre Carrying Case (Pink)

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Designed to hold your reader as well as your other essentials
Case interior designed to hold Freestyle Libre reader
Additional elastic to hold lancing device (if necessary)
Outer elastic to hold one pen


Abbott Freestyle Libre Carrying Case Available in 4 Colors

The Abbott Freestyle Libre Carrying Case is a great alternative to silicone cases. Our cases provide a perfect fit for the Abbott Freestyle Libre; they also include housing for additional items such as needles and even a lancet device on the exterior. Our case comes with an elastic strap to keep the case shut.

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Color Ma Vie is a French company creating simple, practical, dynamic and nice accessories for Diabetics. Michael, type 1 diabetic for 10 years, works with designers and mothers with Diabetic children in order to develop suitable accessories. We produce in different workshops employing people with disabilities in France; they help us to manufacture and we help them to get integrated to working life.

Our products are currently available in Europe but from now, we would like to offer our creations to the whole community of diabetic patient and help them to bring some color to their lives.

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All products come in a variety of colors and are easy to use. Freestyle Libre Sensor Armbands, Freestyle Libre Carrying Cases, and Freestyle Libre sport cases offer solutions for any activity. We offer a money-back-guarantee on all of our products.