BOOSTEADY Kit of 13 Attachments for Molle Bag Tactical Backpack Vest Belt,D-Ring Grimlock Locking, Web Dominator Elastic Strings & Buckle,4" MOD Straps,Key Ring Holder in Zippered Pouch

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D-Ring Grimloc Locking: Easy to open but hold your belongs safely on the molle bag once closed with the quick and tightened release button
Web Dominator Elastic Strings & Buckle: Resistant and easy to install, for hydration tube, flashlight, knives fastening and backpack strap management, keeps everything controlled and in place
4" MOD Straps: Attach modular web accessories. Perfect to assemble modular molle webbing, attach to a belt. Firm and safe snaps
Tactical Key Ring Holder: Can be added to Molle system ,your pack, wallet or belt. Combines magic tape and pressure button to secure the holder to your belt.Safe and quick release clasp
With Handy Zippered Pouch: Keeps everything neatly organized .13 in 1. Suitable for outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, camping, traveling etc


This kit combines the best accessories for your tactical gear and molle webbing bags.
Each item is selected for: durability, speed to open/close, can be used in dirt and sand, sturdy nylon and non-rusty metal.

The D- ring locking are designed to be the most practical to use, so you will be able to quickly remove or add equipment on the MOLLE bags.
The tactical web dominator elastic strings & buckle are designed to assist operators in securing their loose nylon web straps, and to help tie down any items that you don't want hanging loose off your kit.
Both sides of the 4" MOD Straps are reinforced with one side being extra stiff.
Great for use on MOLLE vest/bags, for extending or just hanging things. It's snaps firm and will hold.
The Keychain holders are well constructed. They are made from high quality nylon, strong magic tape, press buttons and a tight HK style clip.
Keep small items in an easy-to-get-to place, total Every-Day-Carry style.

Package Includes:
3 Pcs D-Ring Grimloc Lockings
3 Pcs Web Dominator Elastic Strings
3 Pcs Web Dominator Elastic Buckles
2 Pcs 4" MOD Straps
2 Pcs Tactical Key Ring Holders
1 Pcs Zippered Pouch