TEAM MAGNUS slip and slide XXL with dual racer lanes, water-spraying channel and inflatable crash pad (31ft long water slide for safe & fun water play for kids)

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BIGGER:Our giant slip n slide is simply longer and wider than the rest. It measures 31 feet long and over 5 feet wide, has double lanes for racing and double the water play fun, a central channel which continuously sprays water for the kids and an air-filled cushion at the end which works as a crash pad. Great idea for water play for kids at garden parties, BBQs, 4th of July and children's birthdays.
EASY: The extra long slip and slide for kids takes just a minute for adults to set up and provides hours of entertainment. The crash pad can be inflated manually or by a standard air mattress pump to provide exciting water play for kids straight after unfolding. This lawn water slide packs up just as quickly and takes up very little storage space. Our US hose attachment connects easily to all standard hoses. No accessible outdoor water hose? A bucket of soapy water gives 30 mins of water play.
ROBUST: Made of a more durable, 0.22 mm PVC material than all your supermarket or chain store options. Comes with a super sturdy pegging system with stakes that attach to the ground a tough inflatable crash pad for water play and a puncture repair kit. Great for girls and boys who love to be rough on their toys and games!
FUN: Perfect set-up for any back yard or outdoor party. A 31' waterslide on the lawn will keep the family entertained in all kinds of weather. But be careful - a backyard slipnslide mat with twin racing lanes a big splash landing zone and the slickest surface ever will make you the most popular house in the neighborhood!
REPAIR KIT: The heavy-duty 0.22mm PVC material is thicker and heavier than other lawn water slides for kids. Great for durability! Heavy impact may cause tears and we supply our slides with 2m waterproof duct tape for instant easy repairs. Simple instructions enclosed.


"Evaluated as 2nd best slip and slide in the world & best slip and slide value for money (Leading UK consumer guide Consumer Runner 27/11/17)"

Fantastic fun for outdoor birthday parties and lazy backyard days! The extra large size, built-in sprinkler system, water blast zone and robust quality guarantee hours of fun for children ages 5-12 years old.

The 0.22mm thick, highly robust PVC and quality, waterproof duct tape for repairs which is included mean the family will get a whole season's use out of this well-designed slip and slide.

Where to use: The slide is intended for outdoors use and on lawn only - not on pavement or other hard surfaces. The lawn should be free of rocks, bumps, holes, sticks or other sharp objects. The slide should be placed on a level surface at least 6 feet from any structure or obstruction such as fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry lines or electrical wires.

How to use: Slide so that arms and stomach contact the slide first. Do not stand or kneel. The pins are provided to help the slide stay in place for drying. When older or heavier children use the slide there is a risk of tearing the edges of the plastic if the middle pins stay in the ground. Please note risk of splits in the central channel when children step on or glide across it. This can be fixed with the enclosed repair kit or duct tape. Supervision by adults required.

How to maintain: The slide is best maintained by drying after use and storing in a dry, frost-free environment. Please bear in mind that your grass can be affected if you leave the slide out in extremely hot weather for a length of time. Roll up the slide when not in use or vary the location to keep your grass in best condition.