NoMo Nausea Migraine Large Gray Aromatherapy Anti-MIgraine Band with Acupressure

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Instantly relieves migraines and headaches with soothing peppermint aromatherapy combined with gentle acupressure.
Ideal for people who constantly suffer migraines or headaches from work, pregnancy, stress headaches, sinus headaches, tension headaches, cluster headaches, retinal migraines, and more.
Looking for migraine headache relief without suffering the side effects of headache medicine? NoMo Migraine is your solution!
Clinically proven to start working in 2 minutes with the cooling essential oils & the long lasting effects of acupressure all in 1 wristband.
Drug-free, side effect free, latex-free, and made for all day waterproof wear to give you headache relief you can feel.


The NoMo Nausea Band infuses natural peppermint oil within a waterproof acupressure wristband. This elastic drug free, latex free, and stylish adult wristband (made for wrists 6.25 inches in diameter and up) provides instant migraine relief. Both acupressure and peppermint aromatherapy have been shown to decrease migraine symptoms from morning sickness, travel sickness, and so on. So get two powerful migraine relief products in one band! Here's how it works: Clinically approved to help stop 70% of head pain associated with headaches or migraines! 1. Fast Acting Aromatherapy: gives relief in seconds with the powerful smell of essential oil vapors that instantly traverse thru your nose into your brain to give you relief and stop the current migraine NOW! 2. Distraction Technology: peppermint essential oils feel cooling upon the skin making you forget you have a headache or migraine in the first place. 3. Long Lasting Acupressure: Acupressure at the P6 point of the human wrist helps to naturally increase your anti-headache hormone production helping you to prolong the length of time until your next headache or migraine Available in 2 sizes so make sure you are buying the right size.