Brute Force Weighted Vest: Murph Tested, WOD Approved + The Best Adjustable Weighted Vest for Running & Mobility on The Market for Men + Women - Made in The USA

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SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: SAND NOT INCLUDED: The Best Weighted Vest on the Market for Men and Women for Running & Mobility. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, backed by the Brute Force Shield Warranty.
VERSATILE: Built with MOBILITY in mind! Max range of motion no matter the movement. Most comfortable vest on the market. Adjustable on shoulders and waist, trusted by Crossfit athletes to help PR their MURPH time.
RELIABLE: Adjustable Weighted Vest + Weighted Traing vest trusted by every branch of the US Military, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Division I Athletic Programs and many more.
MADE IN THE USA: No cutting corners just to save a buck, Brute Forces uses only the highest quality materials to make products that will last. Handcrafted and handmade right here in Denver Colorado, keeping jobs local!
SIZE GUIDE: S/M (Great for anyone who wears Small or Medium Mens T-shirt) and L/XL (Perfect for anyone wearing a L, XL or XXL shirt).


Brute Force Operator Weighted Training Vest 2.0


The Brute Force Operator Weighted Training Vest 2.0 employs a minimalistic design that offers optimal breathability and less restriction during your movements. Unlike comparable weight vests or flak jackets in the industry, the Brute Force operator Weighted Vest has a unique, 12 pocket design allowing you to scale and distribute your weight left to right and front to back and can be filled with sand and/or steelshot based on your ideal weight capacity. This unique filling system allows the vest to conform and contour to your body and hold tight keeping the vest in place as you do your thing. (patch not included)

Changes to the 2.0:

  • Unique Interior "one-piece skeleton design" allowing for maximum strength and durability.
  • New, contoured shoulder design with threaded Velcro closure.
  • Fully adjustable at the waist, rib cage and shoulders (BOTH SIDES).
  • 2 distinct sizes: S/M or L/XL
  • S/M (Great for anyone who wears Small or Medium Mens T-shirts)
  • L/XL (Perfect for anyone wearing a L, XL or XXL Shirt)

This weight vest is built for all levels of training and is geared towards strength and conditioning for Traditional, Tactical and Functional Athletes alike.