SWEATFLIX Weighted Body Vest for Men & Women: BodyRock Weight Vests for Training, Running, Crossfit or Walking - Fitness Gear & Workout Equipment - 6 lbs

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ADD RESISTANCE: Turn your work out up a notch with the BodyRock weightvest and burn more calories
COMFORTABLE CHEST STRAPS: Unlike other heavy weighted clothing, our vest features adjustable straps
LIMITLESS WORKOUTS: Our vest will enhance crossfit training, cardio, lifting or walking intensity
MULTI WEIGHTS: Choose from 6, 8, 10 and 12 lb weight vests for the perfect addition to your workout
BOGO SET: Mix and match two vest weights and colors for a completely personalized workout routine


ADD RESISTANCE Have you hit a plateau or are you ready to turn your normal workout up a notch and start seeing serious results? If so, BodyRock Weighted vests are just for you. Our vests are the perfect addition to any workout routine and will increase resistance to help you burn more calories and tone your body. Whether you're just getting back into the workout grind or you're a seasoned pro, our weight vests will help you get the results you want. COMFORTABLE CHEST STRAPS Let's face it. Some weighted clothes, backpacks or shirts just aren't very comfortable. That's why BodyRock Weighted Vests were created with adjustable straps so you can get a perfect fit every time. Our adjustable front straps will ensure weight is distributed evenly and safely to increase the efficiency and intensity of your workouts. LIMITLESS WORKOUTS Crossfit. Jogging. Jumping. Cardio. Whatever workout routines or exercises you're doing, BodyRock Weighted Vests are the perfect complement to any fitness plan. By increasing your resistance in a variety of workouts, you'll be able to strengthen and tone your entire body with targeted results. MULTI WEIGHTS Whether you're just getting started on a workout regimen or you're looking to increase the intensity of your daily exercise routine, BodyRock Weighted Vests can help. Because we know everyone is at a different spot in their workout journey, we created multiple weight options for our vests. We offer 6 pound, 8 pound, 10 pound and 12 pound workout vests that will help you start hitting your fitness goals.