Solstice Tea Traders Loose Leaf Tea Sampler, Ultimate Sampler 12 Types of Loose Leaf Tea, Rooibos, Gunpowder, Chai, and More!

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VARIETY PACK: Features 12 whole leaf teas in tins, 10-12 servings per tin, including; Masala Chai, Peach Tea, Gunpowder Green Tea, Rooibos, Red Fruit Hibiscus, Sencha Green Tea, Irish Breakfast Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Blue Hibiscus, Limonello Herbal, Earl Grey, and Mirik Darjeeling
Each tea is packed in a high quality reusable metal tea tin to ensure safe fresh storage, and can be reused after the teas gone, great for gifts!
Our largest sampler to date, a collection of 12 of our most popular loose leaf teas
This loose teatime assortment is an incredible way to try a multitude of loose tea, if you bought these teas in normal retail size, trying this many teas would cost you upwards of 200 dollars
The types of teas included in this sampler are some of the most popular teas on Amazon, thus this sampler gives you the opportunity to try some of the most popular teas available, giving you an idea of what the international tea world is like. Occasionally during times of high demand one or two teas could be substituted for a tea of equal or greater value


Included in this 12 tea assortment in reusable tea tins, are the following herbal & black tea varieties:

Masala Chai Black Tea- Masala Chai Black Tea is a very true to form take on Indian Chai

Peach OP Black Tea- Flavored in one of Europe's oldest flavor houses, this peach tea is an incredible infusion that makes both a perfect hot and a perfect iced tea.

Gunpowder Green Tea- Our Gunpowder Green Tea is sourced direct from Chinese plantations with long histories of its production.

South African Rooibos- Rooibos is a caffeine free herbal tea from South Africa that is actually from a broom like red bush, and is sometimes called redbush tea.

Red Fruit Tea- Red Fruit tea is a blend of hibiscus petals, black currant, currant, elderberries, & flavoring.

Sencha- Sencha is the Japanese term for infusing tea with water, but over the years the name attached itself to a certain type of green.

Irish Breakfast Tea- Irish breakfast tea is black tea sourced from India that is extremely bold and is often enjoyed with milk and sugar.

English Breakfast Tea- Just as Irish Breakfast Tea, English Breakfast Tea is and always was a tea sourced from India or Sri Lanka.

Hibiscus Blue Eyes- An intoxicating fragrant blend of apple, hibiscus, rose hip shells, orange peel, cornflower petals, and flavoring.

Limonello- lemongrass, lemon peel, apple, apple pommace and sweet blackberry.

Earl Grey- Earl grey is a traditional black tea infused with bergamot flavor.

Mirik Darjeeling- This black tea sourced from India is a quality example of one of the worlds most famous teas.

Tea leaves are stored in 12 reusable tins making this a quality gift. Each tin is 4 ounce volume (not weight).