Must Have Truck Car Owner Item Anti-Rust Heavy Duty Carbon Steel 21 Pcs Press Truck Car Ball Joint Nice Deluxe Set Service KIT Remover Installer

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Universal and easy to operate
Brake anchor pin removal and installation.
Installer and remover adapters for 1967 Thru Current 1/2 and 3/4 ton 4ws vehicles.
Having the Dana 44 Front Axle (Found On Ford, Gm, Dodge, IHC and Jeep vehicles).
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This 21 pieces ball joint adapter set is designed to operate on most cars and light trucks that have press-fit

type ball joints. It allows you to conveniently operate without removing

the control arm from the vehicle. It comes along with 4 wheel drive adapters brake for easy

removal and installation. The C frame and forcing screw helps you to safely remove and replace

joint brake anchor pins, ball joints, and universal joints.


-Universal andeasy tooperate.

-Brake anchor pin removal and installation.

-Installer andremoveradapters for 1967 Thru Current 1/2and 3/4ton 4wsvehicles.

-Havingthe Dana 44 Front Axle (Found On Ford, Gm, Dodge, IHCand Jeepvehicles).

-Removes and replaces ball joints.

-C frame press alone can be used to remove and replace universal joints.

-Set includes all the receiver tubes and removing/installing adapters needed to work onpress-fit upper and lower ball joints

on most 4 wheel drive cars, pickups, vans and sport utility vehicles.

-Blowmoldedcase makes it easier to organize and transport the tools.


Color: Black

Material: 45# Steel

Product Weight: 11.77kg

Package Weight: 12.42kg

Product Dimensions: 504010cm / 19.715.73.9in

Package Dimensions: 514211.2cm / 20.516.54.4in

Package Listing


1Install Adapter

1Removal Adapter

1C-Frame 6.25" 2.25"(On Center)

11-3/4" 2"Ring