4 Pack Brightest BR40 LED Bulbs by Bioluz LED INSTANT ON Warm LED Energy Saving Bulbs, 17w (120w Replacement) 2700k Bulb 1400 Lumen, Indoor/Outdoor Smooth Dimmable Lamp UL Listed

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INSTANTLY BRIGHTEN UP YOUR LIFE - Bioluz LED bulbs are the highest quality & brightest LED Light Bulbs available, packed with 1400 lumens of light and using just 17w of energy. Plus they turn on INSTANTLY with no wait, saving you time AND money.
SAVES MONEY & BRIGHTENS BETTER - After years of development, we engineered our brightest Energy Saving Light Bulbs to look identical to incandescent bulbs! The only way you'll know the difference is through the huge savings on your electricity bill.
BIOLUZ LED LASTS LONGER - Bioluz LED energy saving bulbs not only look great, but are actually designed to last longer with our aluminum construction and massive heat sink built into each LED bulb.
AESTHETICALLY DESIGNED & DIMMABLE - Get that classic Incandescent Light look when on or off. Bioluz LED energy saving LED Bulbs are also compatible with most dimmers to achieve the brightest warm lighting look and feel you're after.
THE BRIGHTEST WARRANTY & GUARANTEED - Every Bioluz LED Light Bulb is backed by our 3 year 100% satisfaction warranty.


It's Time to See the Light.
Add warm & bright Bioluz LED energy saving LEDs to your home or office while maintaining the cosmetic beauty, brightness & incandescent color you've come to love.
We've found that bulbs which are 4000K-5000K (Kelvin) generate a bluish tint on objects (like at a hospital or office building) and are not as comforting in a home. So while a higher number may sound better, it isn't always.
Many brands sell & market higher Kelvin (4-5000K) bulbs with lower lumens to make them "appear" brighter. Bioluz LED manufactures the correct color bulbs with exceptionally bright, energy efficient LEDs, so you get the color & brightness you're accustomed to without the harsh effect of higher color temperatures.

Energy Saving without the Sacrifice
Bioluz LED Energy Saving Bulbs turn on instantly just like an incandescent bulb, while saving you a substantial amount of money on your electricity bill. For example, when used 3 hours a day & 365 days a year, our LED lamps will last an unprecedented 23 years! And the best part: you'd only be spending $2.05 of electricity a year !

LED Light Lamp Features & Specifications
Highest Power LED per Watt
Instant on at Full Brightness
110 Degree LED Beam Angle
Mercury Free - Environmently Safe
120 Watt Replacement Using Only 17 watts; 1400 Lumens - Brightest in Industry
2700K Color Temperature Matches the Color of Existing Incandescent Bulbs (Warm White)
Lasts Longer - All Aluminum Construction & Massive Heat Sink in our LED Light Bases
4 Pack, UL Listed, FCC Certified, RoHS Compliant

Guaranteed to Lighten Up Your World
Bioluz LED is committed to providing you with superior energy saving products that make your life easier & more affordable. If for any reason you aren't satisfied with your purchase, simply return your energy saving LED bulbs within 30 days for a full refund!