Rawlings 2019 Velo BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat (-3), 33 inch / 30 oz

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Lightweight acoustic alloy produces a loud ping
Stiff handle and flex barrel accelerates through contact
Comp-Lite end cap reduces swing weight
PoP 2.0 technlogy removes volume from inner barrel
BBCOR .50 certified for NCAA and NFHS
-3 drop weight


Speed and control makes the Rawlings Velo BBCOR baseball bat ideal for top-of-the-lineup hitters. Velo bats feature an optimum design to help batters catch up to higher-velocity pitches. The ultra-lightweight carbon fiber barrel allows for faster swing speeds, while its stiff handle and flex barrel accelerates through contact to give table setters an advantage over hard-throwing pitchers. The Comp-Lite end cap creates balance and lowers the moment of inertia, for a faster, more fluid swing. The bat is tailor-made for players who enjoy light swings with loud, powerful pings right out of the wrapper. The Velos impressive pedigree and ever-improving technology has made it a preferred bat amongst high school and collegiate players.