Bravo Concealment: S&W M&P 9/40 2.0 (4.25") TLR-1 HL OWB BCA Light Bearing Gun Holster

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Forward Cant for Enhanced Concealment
Modular Belt Loop Adjustment
Robust Injection Molded Belt Loops
High Quality .08 inch Thick kydex
Unlimited Lifetime Warranty


Holster comes STANDARD with Threaded Barrel, Red Dot Sight (RMR) cut out, Tall Sights and 1.50" Belt Loops. (S&W M&P options and Glock X300 options) will NOT accommodate for Threaded Barrel and Red Dot Sight (RMR)cut out. Performance of holster is NOT compromised if you do not have these features or upgrades on your gun.

The Ultimate Light Bearing Retention Holster

The Bravo Concealment Adaptive Light Bearing kydex gun holster is designed to be the best outside the waist band (OWB) holster option for everyday concealed carry without any of the added hassle of buttons, levers, thumb breaks, or thumb releases. The BCA Light Bearing sits snugly against your body to give you a level of comfort you thought was impossible. Still skeptical? Take advantage of our 30 Money Back Guarantee.

BCA Light Bearing:
10 can't enhances concealment under loose garments.

Robust 1.50" injection molded belt loops prevent breakage even under rigorous use.

Belt loops can be replaced with Belt Clips for inside the waistband carry.

The BCA Light Bearing creates adequate room for a positive grip thus enabling a smooth draw with solid weapon retention.

Belt loops are adjustable to create a desired cant for greater concealment.

All edges on holster are rounded for comfort.

All holsters are curved to fit the contours of your body.