Vital VGH1015-01 Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile, 8" x 12"

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100% natural Himalayan salt
Ideal as cooking surface on BBQ: protects food from exposure to dry hot air and carbonization. While cooking, creates a subtle layer of salt aroma on surface of food
Ideal for use cold as serving plate. Enhances flavors of desserts for example fruits, maple taffy and Ice cream


Himalayan Salt has been forming from ancient deposits for over 250 million years. These salt mines are still protected today from any pollutants or impurities, and are harvested to offer precious salt in its purest and most natural form. The salt brick will create an aromatic crust on any meat, poultry, fish and even vegetable while keeping the inside moist and tender. Chilled down, the salt brick offers a whole new way to cure your favorite fruit, vegetable, and fish, perfect for an exquisite fresh herb gravlax.